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Saturday 13th February 2021
 Wake News Radio Stream
Detlev :Detlev-Clemens:Hegeler of Wake News Radio/TV is a free, independent and investigative journalist located in Switzerland. Since 2009 he is operating his websites, blogs and Video Channels offering a LIVE internet radio show twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6 pm CET in German. He has been a co-founder of the UNITEDWESTRIKE initiative broadcasting UWS radio-marathons since 2009. Click on Detlev's photo to view his blogs.

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http://www.wakenews.net / http://www.wakenews.tv



Matt Navarro
Matt Navarro Matt Navarro has been an activist on the Internet for over 20 years. His popular website, "DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ODOR!!!", from the early 90's, till 2000 was ranked in the top 5% of web sites. This website was among the first to expose New World Order entities like the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Federal Reserve and others. Today he continues his activism as part of unitedwestrike.com, a global movement to encourage people from around the world to unite and withhold support from globalist corporate, governmental and financial entities that seeks to enslave mankind, and reduce the world's population by 80-90% through programs like Agenda 21.

Through his show The New World Odor Report, Matt Navarro hosts experts from various fields of interest to educate the audience on how to survive the onslaught of the New World Odor; how to keep you and your family healthy, Agenda 21, preparedness and more. Learn valuable information to survive and resist the New World Odor. Take the information you learn on his show and teach others. That's how we'll regain our freedoms and human dignity.


Alan James
Alan James Alan joined the United We Strike Team a few years ago and was producing the marathon from Ireland up to 2016. Although Alan no longer produces the marathon due to his busy schedule, he was still actively involved in having a regular OYM show every month on the marathon and when required, took care of technical issues. 

United We Start is now a more manageable show and consists of a monthly two hour roundtable discussion with the core team and invited guests.

Alan also designed the new look United We Start website.

Alan hosts his own show on Open Your Mind Radio in Ireland with his co-host Steven George, Every Sunday, from 7pm to 9pm GMT+1 (BST).






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United We Start is the next evolution of the United We Strike monthly Internet radio marathon

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